Surrender in positivity

‘To be positive’ in situations and resenting them is just not possible. We are either radiating the energy of positivity in any situation or resenting, even if it is .1 percent resentment. We cannot have both at the same time.That is why, we call it BEING positive, which means, our entire Being till the cellular level is positive, not just at the thought level (though that is a good place to start) and feeling positive (when we start looking at the advantages of the situation with hope.) ‘Being positive’ happens when we have faith in the larger picture, when we KNOW that whatever the circumstances, the Divine has a larger plan. Being positive becomes complete with total surrender to the Divine plan.

100% Responsibility

Once we learn to accept personal responsibility for our own situation in this lifetime, the next step is taking responsibility of attracting different people as family, friends and even at times, acquaintances. Each of them have a role to play to teach us or learn from us. This learning is not at the physical level, though they might seem to appear in our life at the workplace, at social gatherings or just a chance encounter on the street. There is a deeper reason for our interactions with them. A sick child or an elderly demanding parent are there as we have attracted them at the soul level as a way to balance the ‘give and take’ energy. Love, compassion and forgiveness (and only forgiveness for past resentments toward them) can release them and us of these soul contracts.

Follow your Heart

‘Follow your heart!’ Yes, we have all heard that! But, can we actually listen to our heart when the mind is controlling us-our body, our emotions and blocking the very heart with its fears,insecurities and negative thinking patterns? Only when we are able to still our mind, observe the gaps between our thoughts, a small voice speaks to us. We can hear it sometimes but do we have the faith to listen to it? The ever hungry mind starts the rationale and analysis which paralyses the small voice, crushing it completely, clouding it in doubt and fear. Appropriate environment needs to be created to follow our heart. The requires regular, practice, persistence, dedication and devotion.

Breathe in

We understand ‘breath’ as breathing in oxygen that we need to be alive and breathing out carbon dioxide, as air that we inhale and exhale which works on our respiratory system. But our ‘breath’ is only at the physical level; it is not just that. It is the very life force, the life energy with immense healing powers at all levels. That is the reason there is so much focus on our breath during meditation. Observing our breath allows us to still the mind and take it away from its habitual thinking patterns. Intending Divine healing light entering our body/mind as we inhale and releasing negative emotional blockages as we exhale has a calming effect to our body/mind. Using these simple breathing practices daily, consistently and continuously can take us a long way toward our spiritual growth.

Emotional baggage and self love

Holding on to blame or guilt? To that degree and proportion, self unconditional love and acceptance is lacking. An iota of guilt, grief and resentments etc. holds us back from self-acceptance and love. They keep pulling us down, not only because of their own dense energies but also because our responses to external triggers has to be through ego (which is another baggage.) Only when all emotional blockages are released, the energy of self-love and acceptance can enter into our energy field, into every cell, into our very being. As we clear the baggage through reflection, introspection, meditations and prayers, we make room for the positive flow of divine energy which then makes self-acceptance and self love a natural transition.

Are we Ready?

We attract people and situations of the vibrations we are ourselves functioning. A person with the negative bent of mind, who has a tendency to worry without any rhyme or reason, a person who complains, who is vengeful, jealous etc. will attract people with similar or different qualities but of lower vibrations. At the same time, unconscious people like to be in the presence of ‘Light’ beings. The high vibration beings empower them and they feel re-energized, temporarily of course! Places of worship also have the same effect as a Guru or a Saint. However, they will not be able to stay with the high vibrational people for very long. The Light of such people will ‘blind’ them. But we all have that same potential to become Light beings full of joy and bliss. Do we believe we have that potential? Are we ready to clear out ourselves and open to receive Divine grace?

Are you Guilty?

Guilt is a silent killer. It is a deep pain which brings the past events and experiences alive into the present moment. Continuous monologues and dialogues rewind the old broken record and along with them come the physical symptoms once experienced.
Guilt can be healed only with the awareness that we did our best with the knowledge, information and maturity we had in the at that particular moment in the past. Remember that when we are in the thick of the situation, and we are not calm and composed ourselves, we react in a particular way. However, we look at the same event later (sometimes, for years later) in a more balanced state of mind. The gap between the two states of mind is what creates guilt and allows it to survive. Understand also that the degree of our own fears and insecurities keeps changing as we grow biologically but more so as we evolve spiritually. Hence, our perspective also would have changed and the ‘glasses’ would be of a different colour.
Looking behind on experiences while we were children with the maturity of an adult is surely going to make us regret our decisions and make us feel even more guilty. We need look at the past experiences with the new level of awareness, understand them as a learning ground and not repeat them. Forgiveness to self and/or others is the most liberating experience.